Monday, 15 October 2012

Confidence is Key

Many men are concerned with their own looks.So you have a huge nose, buck teeth and a slouched body. You may be under the impression that this instantly ruins your chances with that beautiful woman across the bar. Let me tell you the truth, my friend. Contrary to popular belief, women do not base their attraction to you solely on your looks. So what is it women look for in a guy, you ask?

Get ready for it...

Yes. Confidence.
Women like to know that they are with a guy who can increase their value to other people. By displaying confidence, you portray Alpha Male characteristics - which is what any normal, socially hungry woman is drawn to. You too can be an Alpha Male. Follow these simple steps, ingrain them into your mind, act as such and you will quickly see results.

  • Have a good posture - standing upright will display a distinct air of confidence. You are a proud man and not afraid to show it.
  • Chin up - look ahead when you stand or walk. Never look at your feet. This shows submissiveness, which is weakness.
  • Make eye contact - this will show people that you are not afraid to interact with others.
  • Slow your movement - slow it up a bit. Being quick and jittery will make you appear unconfident. Have a cool, calm and calculated air about you.
  • Speak with confidence - breathe well, stand up straight and speak loudly and slowly. This will show people that you do not need to rush to get your word in - people will listen to you.
  • Groom well - shape your beard. Style your hair. Wash. Moisturise. Do what it takes to look good. Look good. Feel good. Get good results.
  • Dress well - Now I'm not asking you too buy a $2,000 suit. Find clothes that will make you look good ie. make sure they fit well and make ure they express who you are. Discover your style, utilise it. Own it. Be confident in your own skin.

Follow the above steps and I promise you that you will begin to see instant results. Remember : it's not what you look like but how you portray yourself to others that counts in the dating game.

Confidence is key.

Donovan James.

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